Fathers Day Lunch

Join us on Sunday 18th June 2023 for our Father’s Day celebratory lunch.  Available from 12noon – 3.00pm we are offering a 4 course Sunday Lunch menu for £29.95 per person with a gift for all Dad’s…   
Did you know that  Father’s Day has been celebrated among European Catholics since the middle ages when it was originally marked on Saint Joseph’s Day (19 March) with a feast. 

It is said that the tradition was started by a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, in the USA who was raised by a single father along with her five brothers, after their mother died during childbirth.

After a campaign that was started by Sonora in 1910 and saw millions of Americans begin to celebrate Father’s Day every June, President Lyndon Johnson eventually signed a presidential proclamation officially declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day over 50 years later in 1966. 

America was one of the first nations to make Father’s Day an official holiday.

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